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How can we help you as Interior Designers?
We help you to transform a strange, unfamiliar place into a space that is all your own.
We help you to create your own place in a way that suits you.
We help you to focus and make decisions in a world of seemingly limitless materials, colors, and textures.

Studio Inma Toledano works in four steps:

The Exploratory Conversation, exploring your ideas
In the first interview, we thoroughly investigate until we get a good understanding of all the human, technical, and creative challenges that need to be met.

Concept Design, developing an inspiring idea
On the basis of the exploratory conversation, we develop an idea—an intuitive concept that has the power to transform a strange, unfamiliar space into a own space that reflects the identity of the client or brand. We can visualize this idea, share it with our client, and adjust it if necessary until you like it as much as we do.

Final Design, drawing the idea
Once the idea is approved, we elaborate the technical design. We will further determine the atmosphere of the space. We choose materials for floors, walls, and other structures, as well as lighting systems, furniture, and everything else that the space requires. We also design custom-made furniture. We present our client with technical drawings, samples of materials, and a computer-based 3D model of the work so that they can experience the space before it exists.

Implementation Phase, implementing an idea
During the realization of the project, we take the creative initiative. We propose craftsmen from our network—companies and people that ensure excellent execution. We support the project management in the execution of the project. We keep a close eye on implementation to ensure that the identity we’ve design on paper reaches the reality we intend. We strive for our customers’ satisfaction.

Studio Inma Toledano is an interior design studio. We work in the fields of both, residential and commercial interiors such as retail, hospitality and workplace design.